Break These Bad Plumbing Habits in 2022

turning faucet off

New Year, New Plumbing Habits

The new year is here and you know what that means: it’s time for resolutions. When committing to making changes for the new year ahead, we can’t let you forget about your plumbing!

Here are some of the worst plumbing habits your plumbers want you to leave in 2021.

Drain Use

One of the most common reasons homeowners give us a call is for a drain issue. Put a stop to poor drain care in 2022 and follow these tips:


  • Use harsh, chemical drain cleaners.
  • Use your garbage disposal as a trash can.
  • Put hard foods, animal bones, or coffee grounds down the garbage disposal.
  • Flush anything but toilet paper.
  • Follow these “don’ts” and your drains will have a great year.

Ignoring Leaks

Even the seemingly smallest of leaks can quickly spiral out of control. At the first sign of a leak in your plumbing, call the Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts team! An untreated leak can cause extensive water damage and cost you a fortune in repairs. Add our phone number to your contacts list this year for a quick contact for repairs: (833) 207-0817

Forgetting the Fans

A lot of homeowners underutilize their exhaust fans, and we challenge you to leave that bad habit behind. Using exhaust fans when you shower will keep the humidity down, making it harder for mold to grow and quickly reproduce.

When cooking, make sure your fan is on to suck up all the excess steam and smoke so as to not worsen your indoor air quality.

Neglecting Chores

We hate to have to tell you to do your chores, but your health may depend on it! Keeping up with bathroom and kitchen cleaning will keep you safe from harmful bacteria that could cause your family to become ill. Mopping your bathroom floors, washing bath mats, cleaning dishes with hot water, and disinfecting door knobs and handles will go a long way in making this your healthiest year yet.

Looking for more plumbing advice? This year, commit to making Tip Top Drain Pros & Plumbing Experts your go-to team for all your plumbing needs. Check out all of our services online today!