Bathroom Accessories Every Home Needs

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Stock Up!

The bathroom is where you can take a moment to yourself. Whether you’re getting ready for the day, preparing for bedtime, or taking a midday bath to relax, your bathroom is a great place to escape and get privacy while taking care of yourself.

Being such an important room, keeping it stocked is a must. Sure, this means with items like toilet paper, shampoo, and soap. But what about the other items that the throne room just can’t do without?

Read on to learn what we think are the most crucial accessories for your bathroom.


Let’s start with the most basic essentials.

Soap Dispenser

Washing your hands is an everyday activity that we all do...or at least should do! Consider purchasing a stylish, reusable soap dispenser that you can refill as needed to cut down on your plastic consumption.

Garbage Can

As we all know, the bathroom can quickly become a messy place. Be sure to have at least one garbage can nearby for tossing floss, cotton balls, wipes, and q-tips!

Floor Mats

Floor mats will save you from slippery floors! Placing a mat in front of the sink, tub/shower door, and around the toilet will give the bathroom a finished look while providing a soft place for your tired feet to land.

Cleaning Supplies & Practicality

For a room meant for bathing, the bathroom can get grimy and icky. Keep these items close by for a scrub when needed.

Rubber Gloves

Before you get to cleaning, you want to protect yourself from any germs and bacteria. Store a pair of rubber gloves underneath the sink to pull out for extreme messes.

Toilet Brush

The place where we do our business is bound to be a...less than perfectly clean spot. We can’t stress enough how much you need a toilet brush and toilet cleaner in each bathroom!


One of the best tips we’ve heard to help ease the pain of keeping the bathroom clean is to hang a squeegee in the shower. This way, while you’re showering you can simply grab it and wipe away all the excess water from the walls.

Air Fresheners

No matter how taboo you may think the subject is, we all go #2, and the smells associated make for an unpleasant bathroom experience. Plug in an air freshener, hide one in a cabinet, or place a small spray bottle on top of the toilet tank for users to spritz after flushing.


When there’s a clog, a plunger is your best friend. You’ll want to have one for emergencies.

Drain Catch

One of the leading causes of clogs is a build-up of hair. Placing a drain catch in your shower will keep hair from sliding down the drain and causing problems. You can purchase one of these at any home improvement store.

Organization & Storage

We’re always looking for more storage opportunities. Here are some ways you can get organized in the bathroom.

Hooks and Bars

Head to the hardware store and grab some extra hooks or bars to hang up extra towels, bathrobes, or clothes.

Shelf Organizers

While at the store, take a look at the other storage options. Plastic or wooden shelves can be placed in cabinets and filled with medicine, vitamins, or extra bathroom essentials to maximize space and keep things in order.

Luxury Items

If you’re looking to take your bathroom style and luxury a step further, consider purchasing one or more of these items.


With a waterproof speaker, you can jam out to your favorite song while showering!

Towel Warmer

This awesome contraption is an after-shower game changer. Step out of the water and wrap yourself in a warm, cozy towel.

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