How To Remove Build-Up From Fixtures

Cleaning bathtub faucet

Keeping Fixtures Squeaky Clean

Your fixtures have a great stylistic effect on your home’s overall look and feel. From a sleek, black shower head to a rustic, copper kitchen faucet, the color and style of these pieces can completely transform a room, while bringing you the water you need for the day.

When something like these fixtures are a part of your daily routine, they’re bound to go through some wear and tear, including developing build-up. This not only makes your pieces look dingy and run-down, it can also cause some plumbing problems.

What is the build up on my faucet?

The build-up we’re referring to is the white, green, yellow, or orange scaly substance that gathers on the shower head and faucet. This substance is caused by “hard water”. No, this water isn’t harder to the touch than normal water, it simply has a higher concentration of minerals such as calcium that can cause:

  • Dry skin
  • Hair breakage
  • Rougher to the touch and faded laundry

In addition to looking nasty, hard water can affect the stream of water you’re relying on to get clean and cook with.

How do I clean my fixtures?

Ridding your plumbing of this unsightly build-up is relatively easy. First, remove the shower head or the aerator piece from your sink. Then, use white vinegar, lemon, or an all purpose cleaner to scrub away the icky stuff. You can use a designated cleaning toothbrush, cloth, or sponge. Give the piece a good rinse and allow it to dry before re-attaching it.

If you’d rather not remove the piece entirely, grab a resealable bag, fill it with the cleaner of your choice, and carefully secure the bag over the fixture with a rubber band. Allow it to sit for some time before removing, scrubbing away the excess residue.

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