Choosing Your New Showerhead

Hand holding showerhead

Types of Shower Heads

Just because your home or apartment shower comes with a pre-installed standard shower head, does not mean you must use it! Nowadays, there are countless models to choose from to fit your style and desired comfort.

Wall Mount

The standard wall mount shower head is extremely versatile in style and spray types. As you add more features to the fixture such as multiple modes and protection from corrosion and hard water build-up, the price is likely to increase. However, simpler models are affordable and fit most budgets!


A hand-held showerhead is mounted to the wall but can be removed as the head is attached with a long tube or hose. This removable feature allows for a wide range of motion for the user, making it easier to bathe a child or pet in the tub!

These handy showerheads are a great choice for those who would like different dispensing options and the flexibility of a moving fixture.


If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, a top-mount shower is a great option. Often referred to as rain showers, these fixtures are mounted on the ceiling directly above the user.

If you want to feel like you’re the lead in a rom-com confessing their love to someone in the rain every day, this is the choice for you!

Keep in mind, because this fixture is in a less traditional location, their installation is not as simple as their hand-held counterparts.


An aerating shower head adds air to the stream of water passing through. This produces a gentler spray resulting in a relaxing shower. Additionally, an aerating shower will cut down on your water consumption, saving you money and helping the environment.

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