It’s worth your time and money to become aware of what causes plumbing leaks. In many cases, by removing or limiting the factors that cause plumbing leaks, you can avoid having to have water leak repairs.

Your best bet to determine if you have a water leak on your hands is water leak detection done by a professional. There are some other, lower-tech indicators that may alert you to the presence of a leak, like rising water bills, pooling water, mold growth or musty odors.

If you do indeed have a plumbing leak, it likely is because of one of a handful of factors. If any of these apply to you, you may want to make the appropriate changes.

plumbing pipesPlumbing is Aging

Like many others of your homes structural components, over time they are prone to breakage and damage.

For your plumbing, this means an increase in leaks. Is your home older? Have you had your plumbing tended to over the years? Tip Top Drain Pros does complete and comprehensive home plumbing system inspection, including upgrading with a copper repipe.

If you are experiencing water leaks, you may have to replace all or part of your piping system with a copper repipe or PEX.

water pressure gaugesWater Pressure Needs to be Regulated

It’s very convenient to have great water pressure to fill your water glass, your cooking pots or to unwind in a hot shower, but excessive pressure in the pipes can have negative consequences on your plumbing.

The high pressure within the water lines can cause damage and leaks. Test your pressure regularly and make sure that it is  70 psi or below. Typically, in a system with good integrity ,having a range between 45-70 psi is safe for your pipes and still strong enough for your shower.

A woman holding a beaker of brown waterBad Quality of Water

Having low water quality isn’t just bad for your physical health; it can be an issue for your plumbing too.

The impurities in water with low quality bind to the sides of your plumbing and can cause them to break down and leak.

Don’t let this happen to you. You can avoid this issue by re-doing your galvanized potable water supply with a copper repipe and water filtration system at your home’s main water inlet manifold.

Corroded and rusted pipesCorrosion

Galvanized pipes and water with high mineral concentration don’t mix well. The end result is corrosion which can cause some pretty nasty plumbing leaks.

To keep this from happening, repipe with copper pipes , which will stand up much better without the rust. Similarly, make sure to run the water frequently.

When it stands too long in the pipes, more rust will likely occur. Still concerned? It’s not a bad idea to have your favorite L.A. plumber do an inspection of your plumbing.