corrosion rustLoud, sounds from your pipes coming from the plumbing in your home, indicate a problem. Often, the issues that cause these noises are easily fixed. They should be addressed.  Tip Top Drain Pros can provide the guidance you need.

Read to learn more about the plumbing team at Tip Top Drain Pros. We can diagnose the warning sounds of your plumbing!

Whistling Sounds

One example, if there's a whistling sound you hear from a pipe. Its usually made by high pressure flow of water that is passing through a narrow pathway. If you hear the sound only when you open a faucet, it’s likely you have a blockage, and the water is struggling to get through.

While having a partially blocked pipe isn’t an emergency, it should be addressed as soon as possible. Ignoring the symptoms can lead to a full blockage within the pipe. That will make it impossible for water to flow freely. When this happens, it could cause the supply line to fail .

Call Tip Top Drain Pros, we can pinpoint the problem for you. we can also provide solutions to get rid of the whistling sound and prevent failure.

Banging or Knocking Pipes

Do you hear loud banging sounds coming from within your walls?.  What you may be hearing is the sound of water pipes knocking together. This is likely a sign that your pipes are experiencing something called hydrostatic shock. It could also mean a few things:

  1. If You have a valve that closes too quickly. This sudden closing of the water in the pipe reverberates in the closed valve and inner walls of the pipe. This problem is called water hammer. Solve it by installing a hammer arrestor.
  2. Your pressure is high. This solution is simple.  Adjust your water pressure from the pressure regulating valve.
  3. Your water pipes are improperly strapped or secured. This allows them to knock against the wall or each other. They need additional strapping .

Pipes that bang together can break. They can even dislodge from their fittings, leading to a leak. Tip Top Drain Pros can tell you exactly the condition of your pipes and how best to stop the knocking.

Gurgling And Phantom Water Sounds

Are your bathroom drains gurgling? Does your toilet bubble?.  Do you hear water running or dripping when all faucets are off ?. Then your plumbing needs help. Your drain system should be maintained a professional. Tip Top Drain Pros can take care of any plumbing diagnostic needs . If neglected vents and drains may build up debris over time. they become slow or clog up.  improper vent air flow and buildup in drains can force air in your pipes , back into your home through the bathtub, sink, and even toilet drains. The air pressure pushing through the pipe trap to get out is what causes the gurgling.

Phantom dripping or a sound of running water in your walls usually mean a leak in your pipes. Call Tip Top Drain Pros right away to locate and repair the pipe. Ignoring a leak can lead to flooding or high water bills. maybe thousands of dollars in property damage .